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Mahmoud's Back!

Mahmoud's Back!
Photo by Nir Bareket

After award winning runs in New York City and sold out runs in LA and San Francisco, Mahmoud returns to Toronto for one final run.

Mahmoud is an exuberant Iranian engineer-cum-taxi driver who relishes the chance to regale passengers with his love of Persian culture. Emanuelos, a fabulously gay Spanish perfume salesman, can talk a mile-a-minute about his boyfriend, Behnam. And then there’s Tara, an awkwardly charming Iranian Canadian preteen who just wants to be normal. When the three strangers, all played by Tara Grammy, find themselves crossing paths in Toronto, their experiences with racism, sexism, homophobia, political structures and everything in between become intertwined in unexpected ways, taking an exacting look at the ways diasporic populations deal with instability in their country of origin and the personhood they have in their new homes.

Mahmoud’s return run will coincide with its publication with Playwrights Canada Press.

The Theatre Centre

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